Looking at the Girl with a Pearl Earring


The other day I went to the De Young museum to look at the Girl With A Pearl Earring, on special exhibition. But just as interesting was the "Rembrandt's Century" exhibition you had to walk through to see the Vermeer. Some of my favorites were those from the Baroque period. Baroque, as a term, describes things that are heavy with ornamentation or composed of dramatic exaggeration, like an old Cadillac with 24 inch chrome rims. The Baroque aesthetic is often heavy handed in its explication of theme; many artists explicitly labeled elements of their art, for example writing Liberty under an angel or Father Time above an old man.

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Using the Whole Buffalo


In elementary school, we learned about the Sioux Native Americans. We were tought that the Sioux used every part of the buffalo. Not a single part went to waste. As children, we were told the stereotype of the noble savage. The efficiency of the native american stemmed from her harmony with nature and virtuous aversion to waste.

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Ideals, Introspection, and Interfaces


I think the biggest problem in any discussion of Ideals is that the favored Ideal usually turns out to be suspiciously close to a description of the author. This problem likely comes from the fact that ideas of an Ideal come from inside yourself, from introspection. Ideals are a search for a guiding light from within and glimpses of the light often blind the eyes of the seeker.

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Skyfall: A Review


I watched Skyfall last week with a friend. My friend fell asleep. I thought it was pretty boring at times, lulls in action. If Javier Bardem’s character hadn’t entered, I would’ve left the movie thinking I wasted my money.

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Flight: A Review


Denzel Washington should win the Best Actor Award for his performance in Flight and Flight has a chance at best picture. If Zemeckis had cut the last fifteen minutes Flight would have been a favorite. I actually thought the ending of Castaway was a perfect template for how Flight could have ended, which I found was another Zemeckis production. Although Zemeckis didn’t end at the emotional climax, it’s understandable why he added the epilogue as I believe it’s to make a deeper point. 

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